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Jennifer Rowan
Director of Technology

Michael Davis
Network Administrator

Elaine Mitchell
WVEIS Support


JCS Internet Acceptable Use Policy

All users, including students, teachers, administrators, staff, substitute personnel, and educational organizations are governed by this policy and are expected to be familiar with its provisions. A signed consent form (found at the end of this policy) must be appropriately signed and filed at each users'location in order to utilize the district's electronic resources, technologies, and the internet.

This document formalizes the Educational Purpose and Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources, Technologies, and the Internet Policy for users of Jefferson County Schools'network and access to the Internet via West Virginia Network for Educational Telecomputing (WVNET). The purpose of this policy is to assure all users a safe digital environment, outlining consequences that align with federal/state laws, state, district, and school policies especially Effective Behavior in Safe and Supportive Schools as well as to meet Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines and e-rate audits.

Adam Kercheval
Systems Support Administrator

 Jessica Stanley
Secretary/Help Desk


JCS Technology Plan

Jefferson County Schools uses technology in both its instructional program and in the
administration of the District. Technology is defined as the hardware, software applications, and virtual environments used to perform tasks more efficiently and provide the employees with ways to create things originally not possible. In education, the focus is on using the most
appropriate technology and applications to support and supplement quality teaching and learning. 

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