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Financial Information Available on Website:

How to Get Your Financial Information from the Website

A. Policies & Procedures:

1. Accounting Procedures Manual
2. Presentation - Accounting Procedures Manual for the Schools in West Virginia
3. Record Retention Schedule
4. Chart of Accounts
5. Chart of Accounts Presentation

B. Purchasing:

1. Purchasing  Policy
2. Purchasing Memorandum
3. Year-End Purchase Order Instructions
4. Vendor Registration Form
5. W-9 Form
6. Purchasing Affidavit
7.  WV Vendor Certificate Business License

C. Contracts:

1. State Compliance Letter 7-26-16
2. State Compliance Supplement
3. WV Contract Addendum (WV-96)
4. Instructions for Verifying Vendors

D. Travel:

1. Travel Procedures (SOP 6.6)
2. Accounts Payable Direct Deposit Form for Travel Reimbursement
3. Travel Reimbursement Form
4. Mileage Chart Between Schools

E. WVEIS Financial Information (County):

1. How to Run WVEIS Reports
2. How to Use the WVEIS Lookup Vendor Activity (ACP.465)
3. How to Run WVEIS Outstanding Purchase Orders Report (GNL.540)
4. FY17 School Allocations – PRELIMINARY 
5. FY17 WVEIS Report Instructional Allocation (cost center 10)
6. FY17 WVEIS Report Staff Development Allocation (cost center 14)
7. FY17 WVEIS Report Overtime Carryover (cost center 23)
8. FY17 WVEIS Report Extended Day Allocation

F. SFO (SchoolFundsOnline) Financial Information (School): 

1. How to Read Your Financial Reports – For Administrators Presentation
2. Principals Monthly Review Checklist
3. Secretaries Monthly Review Checklist
4. Proper Use of Cash Summary Sheets
5. Receipt/Deposit Process
6. SFO Year End Procedures Presentation
7. Finance 101

G. Purchasing Card (Pcard)

1. Pcard Policies and Procedures
2. Coordinator Forms


Payroll Information Available on Website:

AA.  Payroll

1. Pay Date Schedule
2. How to Read Your Paycheck
3. Medication Aide Memorandum
4. Vacancy/Extra Memo and Account Codes
5. Administrator Access to Employee Leave Balances
6. Fair Labor Standards Act

BB.  Payroll Forms

1. 20 or 24 Pay Authorization Form
2. Direct Deposit Authorization Form
3. WV State Tax Form
4. Maryland State Tax Form
5. Virginia State Tax Form
6. Federal Tax Form

CC.  Salary Scales

1. Professional Salary Scale including extra checks
2. State Stipends (Principals & Assistant Principals State Increments)
3. Service Personnel Pay Grades
4. Service Salary Scale including extra checks
5. Service Personnel Daily Rates (regular and substitute)
6. Professional Substitute Rates
7. Stipends (Athletics & School Based) includes Local Principal/Asst. Principal Stipend

DD.  Excess Levy

1. Supplemental (November/March/May) Check Amounts
2. Excess Levy Benefit with Total Costs

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