Request for Bids

Jefferson County Schools 
Board of Education

 The Jefferson County Board of Education is seeking to hire contract services for a Clerk-of-the-Works for the T.A. Lowery Elementary School HVAC Major Improvement Project (MIP).
Responsibilities: Observe and monitor work being performed by contractors at the construction site in accordance with the construction contract documents and SBA (School Building Authority) guidelines. Attend all project meetings as the Owner’s Representative, monitor construction progress and maintain all records a directed by owner.
Minimum Qualifications:  Applicants should possess experience with all aspects of commercial HVAC systems and knowledge of ASHRAE standards for HVAC systems. Ten years background as an HVAC technician preferred. Preference given to individuals possessing ASHRAE certifications. Individuals must have experience with WV inspection coded and standards in commercial or industrial construction. Individuals must have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of all phases of non-residential construction and be capable of evaluating construction.

Three-years practical experience as a supervisor, foreman or clerk-of-the-works for non-residential construction projects is preferred.

Qualified individuals interested in this position should submit resumes to Joyce White, Deputy Superintendent of Operations, at the Jefferson County Board of Education located at 110 Mordington Avenue Charles Town, WV 25414, no later than Wednesday, March 4, 2020 at 3 p.m.


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