Who Uses Math4Life?

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Woman Smiling, Liz McDonald

Liz McDonald

Real Estate Broker
Dandridge Real Estate Group

Why is Math Important to You?  

“I can tell you that math is extremely important in my business every day.  Both for my associates in business and also for my clients.  Proficiency in basic math concepts and familiarity with math makes my daily life significantly easier and allows me to overcome problems in business efficiently.  I am very grateful for the strong foundation I had in mathematics and hope that the school system in Jefferson county is similarly providing for the future of our young people- whether they choose to have mathematics-related careers, or use math in a non-mathematics-related field.”

Football player, Tyson Bagent

Tyson Bagent

Former Jefferson County Schools Student
Quarterback Shepherd University Football

How Does Math Come Into Play?

Tyson works hard in school as well as on the football field.  He worked hard in high school to earn a scholarship to go to college to pursue a degree in the Sports Management field.  Tyson says he uses math to make him a better teammate and quarter back. "Our team looks at our stats each week for ways to improve.  We also look at other teams' stats to help us prepare a strategy for the game."  Tyson realizes that having a growth mindset is powerful in any area of your life.  His message:  "Work hard, don't give up, and you'll keep improving in any area of your life."   

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