WV Feed to Achieve Act

WV Senate Bill 663/Feed to Achieve Act

Seal of WV State Senate


Goal 1 - Effectively provide a minimum of two nutritious meals each day for all school children in West Virginia.

Objective 1: Realign breakfast with the instructional day by requiring innovative Breakfast Delivery Strategies in all schools.

Objective 2: Develop strategies and methods to create an environment that increases participation in the school breakfast, lunch and afterschool feeding programs.

Goal 2 - Establish public-private partnerships to provide funding and outreach that will improve access to and increase participation in child nutrition programs.

Objective 1: Funding: Establish a West Virginia Feed to Achieve Fund at the state agency level and in the county.

Objective 2: Outreach: Establish public-private partnerships to enhance current or advance additional child nutrition programs during the instructional day as well as outside of school hours."


West Virginia Department of Education, Office of Child Nutrition

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