PEBT Card Information

Parents/Guardians – WV has been approved to issue Pandemic EBT benefits for any households who qualify for free/reduced meals at schools. At this time, if you believe your household would now qualify for free/reduced-price meals – we invite you to complete an application using School Café. That can be accessed by visiting

If your student already been approved for free/reduced-price meals since August of 2020, you do not need to complete another application at this time. This instruction is only for households that believe they would now qualify for free/reduced meals.

We encourage you to complete an application if you feel your family would qualify for free or reduced meals, even though schools have been providing meals without cost throughout this school year.  You will continue to receive meals at no cost for the rest of this school year even if your application is denied.  Families that have an approved free/reduced application as of February 12, 2021, will receive retroactive PEBT benefits.  

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